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Open Access Journals

We, Indonesian students sometimes find it hard to access the scholarly review journal. Sometimes our universities cannot afford to subscribe to it. As the alternatives, we can try to browse free access journals which also offer broad range of reviews, analysis and criticisms on current issues. Below are some journal database that can be accessed freely. Check them out!

1. Journal of American Studies from 1970s - 2004

free journal of American Studies sponsored by Mid-America American Studies Association, the University of Kansas, and the Hall Center for the Humanities.The website offers free articles until 2010 publication.

2. Some links on Media, Film and Cultural Studies : Voice of the Shuttle

A collection of links on media, film and cultural studies. 


Journal about contemporary media concerning mostly in film and television. It dated back to 1970s !!!

4. Popular Culture: A brief concept of Popular Culture, Methodologies, Approaches, and more

5. Essays of Cultural Studies, Communication, and other social science by Douglas Kellner (Professor of Social Science and Comparative Education, University of California)

Essays on media and cultural studies by Douglas Kellner, the author of Media Culture, Media/Cultural Studies, Cinema Wars and various other books. The essays on his website is the raw version before it is published in his books!! Thank him for his generosity for making his valuable essays free to download =) 

6. American Cultural History 1900 - 1990: An online history of American history.

American cultural history? hop on this website by Kingwood Lone Star College. It's simple yet very helpful for us to understand American's cultural history in the last 20th century.

7. Journal of Media and Culture

A free journal of media and cultural analysis from Australia. Pretty useful as additional information.

8. Americana

A free journal of American popular culture from 1990 - present.

9. International Journal of Communication

A peer reviewed journal, a reliable source to add your knowledge. Some issues concerning culture, communication, globalization are all there.

A collection of American Studies E Book, concerning on History, social issues, politics and government. It is really helpful for new American Studies student. (credit goes to Dita Surya Kartika, for informing me this great site. Thx u )

11. , a directory of open access journal.

12Bright Lights Film Journal

BLF is a hybird popular and academic film journal, ranging from film analysis, reviews and commentaries. Follow BLF on twitter: @blfj

13. Intersections

Open access journal of gender and sexuality in Asia Pacific region. Organized by Australian National University, Intersections offers articles covering much gender and sexuality issues on popular media.

14. Journal of Graphic Novel and Comics

Available online for free is the very first edition of Journal of Graphic Novel and Comics. It becomes valuable resource for those who are interested in comic studies.

15 ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comic Studies
ImageText is a free peer reviewed journal of comic studies and related media. It is brought by English Department, University of Florida. It emphasizes on the interdisciplinary studies on comic.

16. Outskirts: Feminism Along the Edge

An free journal from the University of Western Australia about women's and gender issue. It offers interdisciplinary studies.

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