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Below is my collection of various books in Cultural Studies, American Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Literature Studies, Film and Media Studies, Asian Studies and Islamic Studies. Some books are only available in printed. I cannot lend you those because they are at my home in Solo. I now live in Jakarta.

Well anyhow, happy reading!



50 Key Concepts in Gender Studies | Jane Pilcher & Imelda Whelehan | Subject: Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, Feminism, Masculinism


A Century of War | J. V. Denson | Subject: American History

A Companion to American Cultural History | Karen Halttunen | Subject: American History, Culture

A Companion to Asian American Studies | Kent A. Ono | Subject: Asian American Studies

A Companion to Film Theory | Toby Miller & Robert Stam (Eds) | Subject: Film Studies

A Companion to Literature and Film | Robert Stam & Alessandra Raengo | Subject: Film Studies

A Companion to Media Studies | Angharad N. Valdiva | Subject: Media Studies

A Companion to Television | Janet Wasko | Subject: Television Studies

A Concise Companion to American Studies | John Carlos Rowe | Subject: American Studies, New American Studies

A Concise Companion to Feminist Theory | Mary Eagleton | Subject: Women's Studies

A Cultural Theory of International Relations | Richard Ned Lebow | Subject: International Relations, Cultural Studies

A Long Time Coming | Evan Thomas | Subject: American government, politics, Obama, election 2008

A Queer Romance: Lesbians, Gay Man and Popular Culture | Paul B. & Colin R. | Subject: Queer Studies, Popular Culture

A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory | Ramal Selden, et al | Subject: English Literature

After 9/11 - Cultural Dimension of American Global Power | Subject: Politics, Culture, History, American Studies (printed)

After Identity: Rethinking Race, Sex and Gender | Georgia Wanke | Subject: Sociology, Cultural Studies

America's War on Terrorism | Michel Chussodovsky | Subject: American government, politics, terrorism

Americans at War | Stephen E. Ambrose | Subject: History (printed only)

American Cultural Studies | John Hartley & Roberta E Pearson | Subject: American Studies (Printed only)

American Cultural Studies: An Introduction to American Studies | Neil Campbell and Alasdaer Kean | Subject: American Studies

American Empire: A Debate | Christopher Layne & Bradley A. Thayer | Subject: American government, politics

An Introduction to Music Studies | J.P.E. Harperr-Scott and Jim Samson | Subject: Music Studies

An Introduction to Japanese Society | Yoshio Sugimoto | Subject: Asian Studies

An Introduction to Theories of Pop Culture | Dominic Strinati | Subject: Popular culture, cultural studies, American studies ( printed)


Barbie Culture | Roger Moore (terj) | Subject: Women's Studies, Cultural Studies (printed only)

Barrack Obama and African American Empowerment | Manning Marable and Kristen Klarke | Subject: History, African American Studies, American Studies, Politics, Government, Cultural Studies

Black Image in the White Mind | Robert M. Entman & Andrew Rojecki | Subject: African American Studies, Media, Popular Culture

Black Masculinty and Sexual Politics | Anthony J. Lemelle | Subject: African American Studies, Gender Studies

Black Sexual Politics | Patricia Collins Hill | Subject: African American, Black Feminism, Black Women, Gender, Racism

Brands: Meaning and Value in Media Culture |Adam Ardvidsson | Subject: sociology of media, cultural studies, advertising and consumer studies, and marketing. 


Christmas Ideology and Popular Culture | Shiela Whitely | Subject: Popular Culture

Cinema Wars | Douglas Kellner | Subject: Film and Media Studies

Comics as Performance | Annalisa Di Liddo | Subject: Comic studies, Alan Moore, Watchmen

Common Ground: Christianity, Islam and Religious Pluralism | Paul L. Heck | Subject: Religion Studies, Comparative Religions

Communication, Culture and Media Studies: Key Concepts | John Hartley | Subject: Communication studies, cultural studies, media studies, theories

Communicator in Chief: How Barrack Obama Used New Media Technology to Win the White House | J. A. Hendrircks & R. E. Denton, Jr. | Subject: New Media Studies, Communication,

Concepts in Film Theory | Dudley Andrew | Subject: Film Studies (Printed)

Consumer Culture and Postmodernism | Mike Featherstone | Subject: Cultural Studies, Postmodernism

Cultural Mythology and Global Leadership | Eric H. Kessler & Diana J. Wong-MingJi | Leadership, mythology

Cultural Studies and Discourse Analysis | Chris Barker and Darius Galasinzki | Subject: Cultural Studies, Systemic Functional Grammar

Cultural Theories and Pop Culture | John Storey | Subject: Popular Culture Studies, Cultural Studies

Cultural Theory: the Key Thinkers | Andrew Edgar and Peter Sedgwick | Subject: Cultural studies

Culture, Society and the Media | M. Gurevitch, T. Bennet, J. Curran & Woollacott | Subject: Cultural Studies,  Media Studies

Cyborgs and Barbie Dolls - Feminism, Popular Culture and Posthuman Bodies | Kim Toffoleti | Subject: Women’s Studies


Dancing Distraction Factory | Andrew Goodwin | Subject: Popular Culture, MTV, Music Video

Decoding Culture | Andrew Tudor | Subject: cultural studies, structuralism, semiotics

Democracy in Islam | Sayed Khatab & Gary D. Bouma | Subject: Islam, Democracy, Politics

Digital Culture | Glen Creeber and Royston Martin | Subject: New Media, Media Studies

Documentary Time: Film and Phenomenology | Malin Wahlberg | Subject: Film Studies

Documentary Filmmakers Speak | Liz Stubbs | Subject: Media Studies, Film Studies

Doing Research in Cultural Studies | Paula Saukko | Subject: Cultural Studies, Research Methods

Dude You're Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School | C. J. Pascoe | Subject: Masculinty, Queer Studies, Gender


Encountering the Transnational: Women, Islam and the Politics of Interpretation | Meena Sharify-Funk | Subject: Islam, Politics, Women's Studies

Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender (4 volumes: A-Z) | Fedwa Malti-Douglas | Subject: Gender Studies

Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender: Men and Women in World's Culture | Carol R. Ember & Malvin Ember | Subject: Gender Studies

English as A Global Language | David Crystal | Subject: English, Language, Education

Erotics & Politics: Gay Male Sexuality, Masculinity and Feminism | Tim Edwards | Subject: Gender Studies

Everybody Hurts | Leslie Simon & Trevor Kelley | Subject: Subculture, Emo


Fade to Black and White: Interracial Images in Popular Culture | Erica C. Childs | Subject: Race, Popular Culture, Ethnicity

Feminism: A Very Short Introduction | Margaret Walters | Subject: Women's Studies

Feminism and Pop Culture | Andi Zeisler | Subject: Women's Studies

Feminism and Postfeminism | Sarah Gamble | Subject: Women's Studies

Feminist Political Theory | Valerie Bryson | Subject: Women’s Studies

Feminine Mystique | Betty Friedan | Subject: Women's Studies

Film Studies | Warren Buckland | Subject: Film Studies

Film Studies: the Basics | Amy Villarejo | Subject: Film studies

Film Theory and Contemporary Hollywood Movies | Warren Buckland | Subject: Film Studies

Film Theory and Criticism | Gerald Mast, Marshall Cohen, & Leo Braudy | Subject: Film Studies

Film, The Key Concepts [Theories and Approaches in Analyzing Film] | Nitzan Ben-Shaul | Subject: Film Studies

Film, Theory, and Philosophy [The Key Thinkers] | Felicity Colman | Subject: Film Studies

Forget Foucault | Jean Baudrillard | Subject: Cultural Studies, Foucauldian, Philosophy

Foucault and Queer Theory | Tamsin Spargo | Subject: Gender Studies, Queer Theory

From Antz to Titanic: Reinventing Film Analysis | Martin Barker & Thomas Austin | Subject: Film Studies

From Civil to Political Religion | Marcela Cristi | Subject: Religion and Politics


Gender Politics | Suryo Monro | Subject: Gender Studies

Gender, Islam and Democracy in Indonesia | Kathryn Robinson | Subject: Women's Studies, Politics

Gender, Race, and The Writing of Empire | P. M. Krebs | Subject: Gender, Race, Politics

Gender, Religion, and Change in Middle East | I. M. Okkenhaug & I. Flaskerud (Eds) | Subject: Women's Studies, Middle East Studies

Gendered Transformation | Tonny Krijnen, Claudia Alvares and Sofie Van Bauwel | Subject: Women's Studies, Media Studies

Genre Studies in Mass Media | Art Silverblatt | Subject: Media Studies, Film Studies

Global Television - CoProducing Culture | B. J. Selznick | Subject: Communication, Television Studies

Globalization, Development, and Mass Media | Colin Sparks | Subject: Media Studies, Globalization


Handbook of Narrative Analysis | Luc Herman & Bart Vervaeck | Subject: Narrative theory, structuralism

High Theory/Low Culture | Mikita Brottman | Subject: Popular Culture, Semiotics, Bakhtin, Barthes, Lacan

Highbrow Lowbrow | Lawrence W. Levine | Subject: Cultural Studies, Popular Culture

History of Modern Indonesia | M. C. Ricklefs | Subject: History, Asian Studies

Hollywood Bloodsheed, Violence in 1980s cinema | James Kendrick | Subject: Film Studies

How to Read a Film | James Monaco | Subject: Film Studies


Image, Music, Text | Roland Barthes | Subject: Popular Culture, Mythology, Cultural Studies

Immigration and American Popular Culture | Rachel Rubin & Jeffrey Melnick | Subject: Popular Culture Studies

International Encyclopedia of Social Science | David L Sills | Subject: Social Sciences

Interpreting Islam | Hastings Donnans | Subject: Islamic Studies

Introducing Cultural Studies | David Walton | Subject: Cultural Studies

Introducing Feminism | Cathia Jenainati | Subject: Women Studies

Introducing Literary Theories | Julian Wolfreys | Subject: Literary Criticism, Literature

Introducing Post-feminism |Sophia Phoca and Rebecca Wright | Subject: Women's Studies, Postfeminism

Introducing Semiotics | Paul Cobley and Litza Janz | Subject: Semiotics, Cultural Studies

Introducing Social Semiotics | Theo Van Leeuwen | Subject: Social Semiotics, Cultural Studies

Introduction to Semiotics | Thomas A Saebok | Subject: Semiotics, Cultural Studies

Introductory Guide to Post-structuralism and Postmodernism | Madan Sarup | Subject: Cultural Studies, Philosophy

Islam: A Short History | Karen Armstrong | Subject: Islamic Studies, History

Islam and the Secular State: Negotiating the Future of Shari'a | Abdullahi Ahmad A. | Subject: Islam, Politics

Islam and the West | B. Lewis | Subject: Comparative Religions, Islamic Studies


Japanese Visual Culture: Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime | Mark W. Williams | Subject: Popular Culture

Java, Indonesia and Islam | Mark Woodward | Subject: Asian Studies, History, Islam


Keywords - A Vocabulary of Culture and Society | Raymonds Williams | Subject: Cultural Studies

Keywords for American Cultural Studies | Bruce Burget & Glen Hendler | Subject: American Studies, Cultural Studies

Kuasa Negara atas Agama | Tedi Khoiludin | Subject: Religion Studies, Sosiologi Agama (printed only)


Lesbian and Gay Studies | Theo Sandfort et. al. | Subject: Queer Theory, Gender Studies

Listen Up ! Voices from the Next Feminist Generation | Barbara Findlen (Ed) | Subject: women's studies (printed only)


Many Globalization: Cultural Diversity in Contemporary World | P. L. Berger & S. P. Huntington | Subject: Globalization, International Relation, Culture

Masculinty, Straight Queer Theory and Psychoanalysis | Calvin Thomas | Subject: Gender Studies, Queer Theory

Mass Communication and Media Studies: An Introduction | Peyton Paxton | Subject: Media Studies

Media/Cultural Studies: Critical Approaches | Douglas Kellner & Rhonda Hammer | Subject: Media, Cultural Studies (Printed only)

Media and Cultural Studies: Keyworks | Meenakshi Gigi Durham & Douglas Kellner | Subject: Media Studies, Cultural Studies, American Studies

Media and Cultural Theory | James Curran & David Mortley | Subject: Media Studies, Cultural Studies (Printed)

Media Culture | Douglas Kellner | Subject: Cultural Studies, Media Studies (Printed only)

Media, Gender and Identity | David Gauntlett | Subject: Media Studies, Gender Studies

Memory and Popular Films | Paul Grainge | Subject: Film Studies, Popular Culture Studies

Men Speak Out: Views on Gender, Sex and Power | Shira Tarant | Subject: Feminism (from profeminist men) (printed)

Messages, Signs and Meanings: the Basic Textbook in Semiotics | Marcel Danesi | Subject: Semiotics, Media Studies (Printed)

Michael Foucault | Clare O’ Farrel | Subject: Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Foucauldian

Modern Literary Criticism and Theory | M. A. R. Habib | Subject: Literature

Modernity and Postmodern Culture | Jim McGuigan | Subject: Cultural Studies

Mysterious Skin: Male Bodies in Contemporary Cinema | Santiago Fouz-Hernandez | Subject: Masculinity Studies, Film Studies (printed)


National Identity, Popular Culture and Everyday Life | Tim Edensor | Subject: Popular Culture Studies

New Media, Old Media: A History and Reader | Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Thomas W. Keenan | Subject: New Media Studies

New Vocabulary in Film Semiotics | Robert Stam | Subject: Film Studies, Film Semiotics

Nelli's Journey: From the Depths of Evil to Reconciliation and Beyond | Nina Kaleska | Subject: Novel, Holocaust (Printed only)

No Turning Back: the History of Feminism and the Future of Women | E. B. Freedman| Subject: Women's Studies


One for the Girls: the Pleasures and Practices of Reading Women's Porn | Clarissa Smith | Subject: Women's Studies, Media Studies


Panduan Pengantar untuk Memahami Postrukturalisme dan Posmodernisme | Madan Sarup (terj) | Subject: Cultural Studies, Philosophy (printed only)

Performing Masculinity | R. Emig & A. Rowland | Subject: Masculinity Studies

Perpetual adolescence : Jungian analyses of American media, literature, and pop culture | Sally Porterfi eld, Keith Polette, and Tita French Baumlin | Subject: Psychology, Popular Culture Studies

Philosophy after Postmodernism | Paul Crowther | Subject: Philosophy

Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith | Ruth E. G. & Maya B. | Subject: Women Studies, Philosophy

Political Islam and Violence in Indonesia | Zachary Abusa | Subject: Asian Studies

Popular Culture Theory and Methodology | H. E. Hinds, Jr, M. F. Motz, & A. M. S. Nelson (Eds) | Subject: Popular Culture, Cultural Studies, American Studies

Post-Marxism Versus Cultural Studies | Paul Bowman | Subject: Cultural Studies, Marxism, Post-Marxism

Postmodern Media Culture | Jonathan Big Nell | Subject: Cultural Studies, Postmodernism

Postmodernism and Social Science | Pauline Maurie Rosenau | Subject: Postmodernism, Cultural Studies, Social Science

Public Television: Politics and Battle over Documentary Films | B.J. Bullert | Subject: Media and Film Studies


Questioning the Veil, Open Letters to Muslim Women | Marnia Lazreg | Subject: Women Studies, Religion Studies, Feminism and Islam

Qur'an and Woman: Rereading the Sacred Text from a Woman's Perspective | Amina Wadud | Subject: Islam, Feminism (Printed)


Reading Freud Psychoanalysis as Cultural Theory | Tony Twaithes | Subject: Cultural Studies, Psychoanalysis

Reading the Visual | Tony Schirato & Jen Webb | Subject: Film Studies, Media Studies

Religion in the Media Age | S. M. Hoover | Subject: Religion Studies

Rhetoric A Historical Introduction | Wendy Olmsted | Subject: Rhetoric, History


Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality | Anne Fausto-Sterling | Subject: Sex and Gender, Women's Studies

Sexual (Dis)orientation | Tamsin Wilton | Subject: Gender Studies

Sport and Gender Identities: Masculinities, Femininities and Sexualities | C.C. Aitchison | Subject: Gender Studies

Stripping, Sex and Popular Culture | Catherine M. Roach | Subject: Popular Culture, Women Studies

Structuralism and Semiotics | Terence Hawkes | Subject: Semiotics, Cultural Studies, Anthropology

Stuart Halls: Critical Dialogues in Cultural Studies | Kuan-Shing Chen & David Morley | Subject: Cultural Studies

Studying Contemporary American Film | Thomas Elsaesser & Warren Buckland | Subject: Film Studies, American Studies

Studying Film | Nathan Abrams, Ian Bell & Jan Udris | Subject: Film Studies

Superhero Movies | Liam Burke | Subject: Film Bibliography, Popular Culture

Superheroes: A Modern Mythology | Richard Reynolds | Subject: Popular Culture (Printed only)

Superheroes Caped Crusades in Comic and Film | Roz Kaveney | Subject: Popular Culture

Superman on the Couch: What Superheroes Really Tell Us about Ourselves and Our Society | Danny Fingeroth | Subject: Popular Culture, American Studies (printed only)


Television and Sexuality (Issues in Cultural and Media Studies) | Subject: Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Gender Studies

Television and Youth Culture: Education, Psychoanalysis and Transformation | Jan Jagodsinzki | Subject: Psychology

Television Studies: The Key Concepts | B. Casey et. al. (Eds) | Subject: Television Studies

Television Truth | John Hartley | Subject: Television Studies, Popular Culture

The 2000s | Bob Batchelor | Subject: Popular Culture

The Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change | Angela McRobbie | Subject: Women Studies, Post-Feminism

The American Counter Culture | Christopher Gair | Subject: American Studies

The Basics of Sociology | Kathy S. Stolley | Subject: Sociology

The Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism | Steven Connor | Subject: Postmodernism, Cultural Studies

The Cambridge Companion to Bob Dylan | Kevin J. H. Dettmar | Subject: American Studies

The Case for God | Karen Armstrong | Subject: Religion Studies, Philosophy

The Cognitive Semiotics of Film | Warren Buckland | Subject: Film Studies, film theories

The Cultural Analysis of Texts | Mikko Lehtonen | Subject: Cultural Studies

The Culture Industry | Theodore Adorno | Subject: Cultural Studies, Marxism

The Encyclopedia of World Religions | R. S. Ellwood & G. D. Alles | Subject: Religion Studies, Encyclopedia

The Girl on the Magazine Cover: The Origins of Visual Stereotypes in American Mass Media | Carolyn L. Kitch | Subject: Women's Studies, Media Studies

The Hero with A Thousand Faces | Joseph Campbell | Subject: Mythology, Hero in Western Culture, Popular Culture

The Indonesian Language: Its History and Roles in Modern Society | James Sneddon | Subject: Asian Studies, History

The Meanings of Social Life - A Cultural Sociology | Jeffrey C. Alexander | Subject: Sociology, Cultural Studies

The Myth of American Superhero | John S. Lawrence & Robert Jewett | Subject: Popular Culture, Film Studies, American Studies (Printed only)

The Politics of Deconstructions: Jacques Derrida and the Other of Philosophy | M. McQuillan | Subject: Philosophy, Post-structuralism

The Politics of Postmodernism | Linda Hutcheson | Subject: Postmodernism, History, Literature

The Porning of America | C. Sarracino & K. M. Scott | Subject: Media Studies, Women's Studies

The Psychology of Harry Potter | Neil Mulholland | Subject: Psychology, Popular Culture (printed only)

The Psychology of Superheroes | Robin S. Rosenberg | Subject: Psychology, Popular Culture (printed only)

The Real Gaze: Film Theory After Lacan | Tod McGowann | Subject: Film Studies, Psychoanalysis Film Theory

The Rhetoric of Film | John Harrington | Subject: Film Studies (Printed only)

The Routledge Companion to Semiotics | Paul Cobley (Ed) | Subject: Cultural Studies, Semiotics

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology | Alan Barnard & Jonathan Spencer | Subject: Cultural Anthropology

The SAGE Dictionary of Cultural Studies | Chris Barker | Subject: Cultural Studies

The Shock of the News: Media Coverage and the Making of 9/11 | Brian Monahan | Subject: Media Studies

The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality (Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality) | Tracy E. Ore | Subject: Sociology, Cultural Studies (Printed only)

The Spectacle of the Real, from Hollywood to Reality TV | Geoff King | Subject: television Studies, Film Studies

The Uncultured Wars | Steven Salaita | Subject: Middle East Studies, Islam and West

The Use of Cultural Studies | Angela McRobbie | Subject: Cultural Studies

The Way Hollywood Tells It | David Bordwell | Subject: Film Studies, Hollywood

Theorizing the Moving Images | Noel Carrol | Subject: Film Studies

Third Wave Feminism and Television | Merri L. Jonson | Subject: Women's Studies, Media Studies

Thus Spake Zarathustra | F. Nietzsche | Subject: Philosophy

Towers of Deception | Barrie Zwicker | Subject: 9/11

Transnational Feminism in Film and Media | K. Marciniak (et. al.) | Subject: Women's Studies

Trauma and Media | Allen Meek | Subject: Media Studies, Film Studies, Semiotics, American Studies

Trialogue: Jews, Christian and Muslims in Dialogue | Leonard Swidler, Khalid Duran and Reuven Firestone | Subject: Religion Studies, Interfaith Dialogue (Printed only)


Understanding Film: Marxist Perspectives | Mike Wayne | Subject: Film Studies

Understanding Contemporary Society | Gary Browning (et. al.) | Subject: Sociology, Cultural Studies

Understanding Popular Science (Issues in Cultural and Media Studies) | Peter Broks | Subject: Cultural Studies, Media Studies

Understanding Society, Culture, and Television | Paul Monaco | Subject: Television Studies

Undoing Gender | Judith Butler | Subject: Gender Studies


Violent Conflict in Indonesia | Charles A. Coppel | Subject: Indonesian Studies

Visual Analysis Handbook | Theo Van Leeuwen | Subject: Film Studies, Television Studies, Media Studies, Semiotics


War and Media Operations | Thomas Rid | Subject: Media Studies

Watching Television Audiences [Cultural Theory and Methods] | John Tulloch | Subject: Television Studies

Watchmen and Philosophy | Mark D. White | Subject: Popular Culture, Philosophy

What is Cinema Vol 1| Andre Bazin | Subject: Film Studies

What is Cinema Vol 2| Andre Bazin | Subject: Film Studies

What is Gender | Mary Holmes | Subject: Sociology, Gender Studies

When Sex Becomes Gender | Shiraatarant | Subject: Women Studies, Gender Studies

Why Feminism Matters? | Kath Woodward & Sophie Woodward | Subject: Women's Studies

Women Embracing Islam and Conversion in the West | Karin Van Neuwerk | Subject: Women Studies, Religion Studies, Feminism and Islam

Women of Influence | Mark Betka, et. al.  | Subject: History, Biography, Women Leaders

World Religions and Islam: A Critical Study | Dr. Hamid Raseem Nafiabadi | Subject: Comparative Religions


X-Men and Philosophy | Rebecca Housel and J Jeremy Wisnewsky | Subject: Popular Culture, Philosophy


  1. ijin download Riz... thx.. :-)

    oiya, yg intro to Semiotik kok masih putih ya?? belum biru... hhhee

  2. wah yang itu file nya 70 MB kkk ga kuat upload, ntar aku cariin dlu deh :D tapi kalo semiotics intro mending make Storey atau bukunya Michael Danesi

  3. bukunya Storey dah aku baca sih. kalo Danesi malah belum pernah denger..
    aku cuman pingin tau semiotik yg selain Barthes itu apa aja gitu..

  4. Ok sudah saya link kan hhhah nemu yg versi imut :D juga ad routledge companion to semiotics

  5. wah imut sekali 2.57 MB doank.. hhhe
    trima kasih sekali lagi Riz.. :-)


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