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Upin Ipin Phenomena

It's been quite sometimes that i had this idea struck in my head, but i had no idea where to share my idea. But, i remember that i once created a blog long time ago and i forgot the password. After trying to recover my password, i finally am able to access it again. Well, that's a bad introduction right? 
Within the last 6 - 5 months, Indonesian people have new idolized TV program. It is Upin dan Ipin, aired on TPI everyday at 15.00. The interesting point is that this program is actually a product of Malaysia. For information, Indonesia - Malaysia relationship was not pretty good last year due to some cultural problems. Yet, this program is widely accepted in Indonesian society. I am then interested in analyzing the reasons why it is successful.

Upin dan Ipin tells about the life of twin brothers (Upin and Ipin). They are may be around 6 - 7 years old. The show tells about their daily activities such as in school, home, and market. They play and study with their peers, quarrel …