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Just want to post this music video :)

Feeling like missing my home, family, peaceful little town and friends.

I hope I can come home for a while sometimes :)

Me Reflecting on Bantar Gebang [Photos Updated]

What are you going to do if you are asked to live in the biggest landfill in Indonesia? Probably you will reject that request soon enough. But I am glad that I have been “forced” to do that. My colleagues and I were asked by our office to abandon our ordinary live for three days to live inside Bantar Gebang Landfill.  
A 30-meter trash mountain really is distinct scenery for me to enjoy on the last Monday. The odor from the stinky trash also made me hard to breathe. Then, I would also have mistaken waters running down the trash mountain as coca cola, if I did not realize that I was in Bantar Gebang Landfill. Later I know that the dark water is called lindi water - water from piles of waste. Soon enough, I knew that I had no clue at what I was going to face in the next three days.
After a couple minutes from trash mountains, my friends and I finally entered a village. It is not an ordinary village. It is a village of scavengers, a place I never imagined to visit before, and I never im…

In Time | Movie Review

“Buy me some times” and “Time is money” can be literally translated as the way they sound in a 2012 Hollywood movie In Time.
The movie which is starred by Justin Timberlake playing as Will Salas tells about a future when people stop aging at age 25. However, after that, people only have one year to live. Therefore, people work to buy “time” to live longer than 25 years. Time indeed is money in In Time. It functions as the currency of the future.
In that alternative future of earth, areas are not divided geographically. Instead, it is divided into how “rich” you are. The area division is called as “Time Zones”.
Those who have more times, thus considerably rich people, can live almost forever in the New Greenwich Time Zone. While those who do not have much time, living day-to-day basis, live in the ghetto area.

Hugo | Movie Review

After winning two Academy Awards, Hugocertainly deserves to be in people’s must-watch movie list, or at My Must-Watch Movie List. Having watched the movie several hours ago, now I think that, at least, a glimpse of film history to fully understand what the movie means is somewhat needed. And I was like, “I wish I knew [those film history thingies] before watching it.”
Hugosimply tells about an orphan boy named Hugo (Asa Butterfield), who lives inside walls of a train station at the 1930s Paris, “working” as the station clocks’ winder. He initially lives there with his harsh uncle after his father, a museum curator, dies in a fire.
Hugo inherits the spirit of his deceased father to fix things. He still keeps one of his father’s dreams alive – fixing an automaton, a mechanic-human-figure doll that can write and draw.
In order to fix the automaton, Hugo needs to steal some mechanical parts from a toy store which belonged to George Méliès (Ben Kingsley) in the train station. Then, his i…

The Years of Living Dangerously | Movie Review

The Year of Living Dangerously sets in the Sukarno-era Indonesia when communism caused ruptures in Indonesian political situation. The movie features Mel Gibson playing as an Australian journalist, Guy Hamilton, who is assigned to Indonesia. He is sent to Indonesia without proper preparation from his office. He literally starts from zero in the country. Foreign correspondent group in Jakarta also does not really welcome Hamilton.

At first, Hamilton finds it hard to report news happening in Indonesia. He cannot nail any essential interviews and can only report boring stories. However, after befriending with a half-Chinese dwarf photographer Billy Kwan (played by Linda Hunt), Hamilton can make some notable headlines. Kwan has a wide range of sources, from crooks to generals. As Hamilton’s name raise into prominence, he becomes widely known and being accepted by the foreign correspondent group in Indonesia. Kwan then introduces Hamilton to Jill Byrant, a British Embassy’s officer played …

The Artists | Movie Review

"Black and white silent movie - Oh my God!" That is what I had in mind when a friend of mine asked me to watch The Artist together in a cinema. At that time, I was thinking "why should I spend Rp 30,000 just to watch a black and white silent movie?" Now I took back all of my words.

By the time the movie started to play, I was laughing. "Ok, it's weird"

I usually go to a movie theater to watch high definition pictures and ultra bombastic sound qualities. And then, here I was, sitting inside one of XXI's studio, watching black and white films with no human dialogues in it.

As the movie starts, I began to understand what the movie director tries to convey. Weird though, but probably that is what the movie director wants people to experience. He wants people to perceive something "old" as "new".

The opening of the movie is somewhat unique. I am not going to spoil what happens since you need to experience it by yourself. All I can …

ATM (Er Rak Error) | Movie Review

Laughter after laughter.
That’s what you will hear if you enter a movie theatre’s studio playing ATM in it. The Thailand-made movie is indeed successful in making its audience coming home smiling.
The movie tells story of a couple – Suer and Jib – working at the same bank office. However, the bank rules that no love affairs are allowed among its employees. Therefore, they must have secret relationship for five years.
After five years of hidden love affairs, the couple starts to worry if someone will discover their relationship. Hence, Suer decides to propose Jib. He tries to convince Jib to quit the job. However, the plan does not go as predicted. Problems keep emerging testing their love bond, including an ATM which gives out double amount of money which make locals withdraw a lot of amount of money.