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What A Wonderful World, A Song of A Dream

Jazz music is one of music genres considered as a high class music now. But, do you know that it was a low class music? Jazz music is a mix of blues, ragtime, brass, band music, and dance music. Those musics were created and popularized by African American musicians. So, Jazz was invented by African Americans in the late 19th and early 20th century. To be precise is around 1920s, as it is an era of Harlem Renaissance - an era when Black culture started to rise. Then, was Jazz a high class music before? No. The roots of Jazz was even in the slave musics before the Civil War era (pre 1865). So, it is clear then that Jazz was a low class musics. So, how could Jazz raise as a high class music.

In 1917, Jazz became popular not by its black musicians but by a band namely the Original Dixeland Jass which members were all white. In addition, the band debuted in New York. The uniqueness of Jazz captured all the attention. Then, more Jazz great musicians started to emerge including Louis Armstr…

Superhero and Ourselves, or Myself (- - )7

I love superhero characters ... why amI so in love with them? It could be because they offer me escapism from reality (as my current research teaches me). I often imagine to have their powers ,becoming powerful like them as I am a weak person who cannot do anything, frankly. So I just love them. here is my most favorite superheroes and why I like them. This post is something a little bit personal as it is about me, and yes IT IS MY OWN BLOG ... Lol

1. Angel (X Men) I like Angel. I like those wings. Wings symbolizes freedom. As the picture above, it is a scene where Angel firstly flies. The first time for him to be free.And I want to fly away to grasp my own freedom.

2. Charles Xavier What will it be like to have the power of the strongest physchic in the world. You can read someone's mind, erase their memory, manipulate their memory, and do anything you like to with anyone's memory. It is scary for me to say this, but it feels like I want to have my revenge to …