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A note on 2 years of living in Jakarta

Two years have passed since I decided to live in Jakarta. I still remember an overly dramatic scene when my family and my closest friends bid me good bye on December 29, 2011 at the Solo Balapan train station. Recalling the scene, I should win an award for that.
 I remember that when I was still a sophomore student, I told myself not to go to Jakarta after graduating. But then, after graduation, I realized that my hometown, as much as I love it, had nothing much for me to offer.
“What can you do with that degree?” the question I quoted from “500 Days of Summer” really suited me back then. I was, and am, an idealist; I want to have a job that suits my education.
After graduating, I  applied for several jobs in Jakarta. I got calls for interviews several times (which made me happy to know that my resume could actually sell me *blaaaah*). Then, I was called for an interview at The Jakarta Post, the most famous English newspaper in the country.
I had no journalistic background before.…

A Christmas present to a Muslim

First of all … I am a Muslim (not a very devout one, but still I am a Muslim).
I don’t believe that Jesus is God’s son because according to Al Ikhlas verse 3 “God neither begets nor is born.” I, however, believe that Jesus (frequently mentioned in Al Quran as Isa al Masih) is a messenger of God, just like Abraham and Muhammad (pbuh). I know my Christian friends will not be angry by reading these lines. This is the part where we are different right? If not, then there will be no Christian and Muslim, right? (More diverse more festive; what’s so good about black and white?)
Therefore, there lies my ideological foundation of my religion. Up to now, despite various temptations, nothing has succeeded in making me discard that.
As Christmas is approaching, the Muslim world is brewing with annual, ongoing, never ending and relentless (I think I am running out of adjectives here [each adjective leads to different stories]) debates about whether Muslims are allowed to extend Christmas greeti…

Movie Review | Soekarno, unveiling the humane side of the President

Who does not know about Soekarno? He is the very first president of Indonesia. He is the one who proclaimed Indonesia’s independence. He is Indonesia’s greatest hero. He is simply great. At least, that is how I remembered Soekarno, based on the history lessons I received since elementary school.
However, apparently, that is not how Hanung Bramantyo remembered him as reflected in his latest movie, Soekarno, which narrates various stages about the life of the first president.

As a boy, Koesno Sosrodiharjo frequently falls sick more than others. Therefore, his parents decide to change his name into Soekarno, inspired by Adipati Karna, a noble character in Mahabarata narratives.
Now bearing the name of Soekarno, the boy is then sent to live with Tjokroaminoto, one of the founders of Sarekat Islam (an Islamic tradeorganization which holds an important role in Indonesian history). Through Tjokroaminoto, young Soekarno learns nationalism. However, according to the movie, Soekarno’s sense of…

A Colorful Saturday at Monas!

Yesterday was probably the most amazing and precious Saturday during my almost-two year stay in Jakarta. Instead of obeying to Jakartans' weekend ritual (read: visiting shopping centers. FYI, there are more than 70 shopping centers in Jakarta), I chose to visit the National Monument, widely known as Monas, located in the heart of the capital city. It is just 20 - 30 minutes by riding my motorcycle from my boarding house. I went there after a friend of mine told me that there would be several festivals being held at Monas. 

Well, for your information, I rarely went to Monas. First, I usually avoid open space area during the day. The heat in Jakarta is unbearable. Second, it is rainy season. Lately, there has been no day without rain here in Jakarta.

But, it turned out that my trip to Monas was quite wonderful. Below are some pictures of my visit to the monument. Pictures tell a thousand words right? 
Entering Monas . . . 

Watching kites soaring in the sky . . .
Last year, when I was …