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A more open Indonesian society, well, it could be ...

Several weeks ago, pop star Nazriel Ilham, better known as “Ariel” was freed in parole from the Kebon Waru penitentiary in Bandung, West Java after serving more than two years in prison. The former vocalist of Peterpan band was imprisoned because he was proven guilty of producing a personal sex tapes, featuring him and two Indonesian actresses. The tape, however, was available to public after an irresponsible person distributed it.

Commenting on his release, some social critics deemed Ariel would find it difficult to go back to society. Ariel, the critics said, had violated one of the most sacred norms in Indonesia. In the country, sex tapes (and therefore free sex attitudes) are still widely perceived as a taboo thing to even talk about. However, the critics might have been wrong because Ariel soon easily rose into stardom after he and his band mates announced their new band name, NOAH, and an upcoming album.
Ariel’s coming back had been awaited by many. Infotainment, per usual, bough…