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Movie Review | The Lego Movie Delivers not only Laugh but also Wisdom

Lego, the ubiquitous colored plastic brick toys, has paved its way to the big screen. And guess what? Their first ever 3D animated movie should be on your must-watch list.
The Lego Movie follows the life of Emmet (voice of ChrisPratt), a yellow-skinned construction worker, who finds a piece of relic that is sought by everyone. In the movie opening, sorcerer Vituvius (Morgan Freeman) prophesizes that anyone finding the relic would save the world from the Lord Business (Will Ferrel). Emmet should fulfill his destiny to become “The Special One”, a master builder destined to save the world. Accompanied by his faithful companions, Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Bank), Batman (Will Arnett) and Vituvius, Emmet embarks on an adventurous journey that will forever change not only his life but also the world. During the adventure, Emmet and his friends must avoid from being captured by the Lord Business and his trusted servant, Bad Cop (LiamNeeson).
One hundred and forty minutes run fast when I watched T…