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Chinese Paint Jakarta Red

Below is the article prepared by twelve cub reporters 2012 in the Jakarta Post, including me :)
Enjoy our work!

Chinese Paint Jakarta Red
The Chinese New Year is here and Jakartans of all ethnic backgrounds, not just Chinese, celebrate the event openly, in marked contrast to when the holiday was largely a closed-door private affair 15 years ago. This and the articles on page 22 look at what has changed, based on reports prepared by Amahl S. Azwar, Anggi M. Lubis, Corry Elyda, Dhenok Pratiwi, Fikri Z. Muhammadi, Hans Nicholas Jong, Muhammad Rizqi A., Nadya Natahadibrata, Pras Gustanto, Satria Sambijantoro, Tassia Sipahutar and Yuliasri Perdani.

Members of the Tan family lined up on Chinese New Year’s Day (Imlek) before their patriarch, 93-year-old Tan Kho Tjiang. First, they wrapped their hands before their noses and said “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (Congratulations and Prosperity), and then they hugged him.

As is with tradition, each of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren — mo…

Larry Crowne | Movie Review

Hey there ... Happy New Year :) It's the very first post in 2012. A movie review will do.

Larry Crowne made my first rainy Sunday morning in the very first day of 2012. The duo Hollywood megastars, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, star the movie. I am not into drama movies much, but when it comes to Tom Hanks, I will do watch them.
The movie tells about Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) who gets fired from the supermarket he used to work in for several years. It is a rather dramatic opening to watch Larry expecting his ninth employee of the month award but instead, he hears him being fired by the company’s management board. The reason is just simple, that is because he does not have advanced education level. Judging from the setting of the time, the movie seems describing the condition of the current slump US economy.
Larry then enrolls to a nearby college, as suggested by his neighbor, in which he took classes on public speaking and economy. There, he made friends with scooter clubs, or gan…