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Movie Review | Gravity: More Than Just a Space Film

“I think that movie is boring. It only features two actors. What’s so cool about that!” said an acquaintance of mine, commenting on a movie entitled Gravity. But I have an entirely different opinion.

You probably have seen countless movies about space. But I bet you have never really experienced what it feels like to be in space. This, in my opinion, is what Gravity has to offer.

Joining space shuttle Explorer, Dr. Ryan Stone, a Mission specialist nicely played by Sandra Bullock, is hired by NASA to service the Hubble Space Telescope. Accompanied by veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski, starred by George Clooney, Dr. Stone floats away in the space, trying to service the telescope. It will be outrageous if you are not stunned by a jaw dropping view of the blue Earth, which shades the work field of Dr. Stone and Kowalski.

However, all of sudden, the Mission Control in Houston warns of a high-speed space debris, created by a defunct Russian satellite destroyed by the country’s missile. The M…

More Doubts Shroud Indonesia in Light of Top Justice’s Arrest

A shocking news surprised me when I woke up in the morning today. Akil Mohtar, the Constitutional Court’s Chief Justice, was arrested by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in a raid early on Thursday morning.

Akil, who was elected as Chief Justice in August 2013, allegedly received briberies to settle election dispute in Gunung Mas regency.  Former Golkar Party politician Akil was arrested along with Golkar Party lawmaker Chairun Nisa and businessman CHN at the chief’s official house in South Jakarta. Shortly, Gunung Mas regent Hambit Bintih and another businessman DH was apprehended in a hotel in Central Jakarta.

The anti-graft body’s investigators confiscated money worthy of SGD 324,000 (IDR 3 billion) from Akil’s house.

The Constitutional Court, so far, has always been considered as the cleanest body in the judicial branch in Indonesia. This highest court deals with constitutional disputes and those about regional, local or national election disputes.

In my opinion, the …