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Happy Eid Mubarak Everyone !!!

I, Muhammad Rizqi Arifuddin, the owner of this blog would like to say "Taqoballahu Minna Wa Minkum" may our fasting be accepted by the Only Lord, Allah SWT. May we be forgiven for all of our sins.

I humbly apologize for my mistakes for all of you ... i am terribly sorry if some of my writings offend you.
#HappyHoliday =)

Pirates of the Caribbean on Strangers Tide | Movie Review

What do you expect when you watch Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Surely, you will expect Captain Jack Sparrow’s crazy actions. However, I cannot find the same atmosphere in the last sequel of Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I know it’s released last May and I realized that it is not an up to date movie review. But hell yeah! I just watched it last night (thanks to issues regarding Hollywood’s films banning several months ago in Indonesia).
Pirates of the Caribbean on Strangers Tide is the fourth movie of the franchise. It tells the journey of Jack Sparrow in finding the Fountain of Youth. In this movie, he is not accompanied by Elizabeth Swan and Jack Turner. Instead, audience is introduced to Angelica Malon (played by Penélope Cruz) as Sparrow’s former lover. As the continuation of the previous movie, Sparrow does not sail on Blackpearl. In this movie, he is recruited as the crew of Blackbeard Pirates. Jack Sparrow is recruited because it is believed that he once gets to the Fount…

Obituari: Mengenang Kehidupan Sahabat Kita “Tri Wulandari Sidjabat”

Kata-kata “enthusiastic, smart, active, beautiful, funny, strict” sepertinya kurang cukup untuk mendeskripsikan teman dan sahabat kita, Tri Wulandari Sidjabat. Hari ini, 15 Agustus 2011, dia dipanggil Yang Maha Kuasa, meninggalkan orang-orang yang mengasihinya. Meskipun dia telah pergi, dia akan tetap hidup dalam ingatan kita. Dan berikut adalah bagaimana saya mengingat kehidupan sahabat kita.

Pertama kali saya mengenalnya, adalah ketika saya masuk kelas 3 Bahasa di SMA Negeri 2 Surakarta, hampir 6 tahun yang lalu. Kala itu, kesan pertama saya melihatnya adalah, “wah mbake ngeri”. Bagaimana tidak, rambut berantakan, baju dikeluarkan, lengan baju yang dilipat sepertinya menjadi identitas “rebellion” dia. Pertama berkenalan pun, namanya, agak gimanaa gitu, “Ndari”. Seiring berjalannya waktu, teman-teman sekelas pun sering memanggilnya “Djabat” nama marganya. Sering kali dia marah (dan kalau marah …. Hmmm ngerii) ketika dipanggil nama itu. Ya, begitulah saya pertama kali mengenalnya. Kami…

Ramadhan and Women: Gender in Media during the Fasting Month

Happy fasting everyone! It’s the twelfth day of Ramadhan and the twelfth day of fasting for us Muslims. But let’s don’t make fasting become a reason for us not to think critically. Before I studied about gender representation in media, I probably won’t be able to say this. I dare to say that during Ramadhan various forms of media (from advertising to news) perpetuate the ideology of women as housekeeper ideology resembling the ideology of women as mother as instilled by Indonesian government during Soeharto era.
Try to look at television commercials during sahur (eating before dawn arrives marking the start of fasting) or buka (eating after the sun sets to break the fast). Count how many television commercial that depicts a beautiful-slim-long-haired women who is cooking, preparing meals, washing dishes etc. While their children both girls and boys only wait for their mother. The father surely does not take this domestic issue as he is the breadwinner. Father figure in some advertise…