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MTV 4LaY: The Commodification of "Alay"

This afternoon (December 22, 2010), I took a glimpse of a TV program in MTV Indonesia entitled MTV Alay. Well it was not that difficult to predict what this TV program is all about. As the name suggests, it presents shows about “Alay” phenomena in Indonesian culture and society. This afternoon, the host of the show, VJ Daniel, interviewed three teenagers embracing “alay” identity, while VJ Daniel himself dressed in “alay” fashion. This program also featured video clips of Indonesian bands which could be labeled as “alay” band. "Alay" itself is a pop culture phenomenon in Indonesia to refer a broad of new pop cultural practices raging from music, fashion and writing style. "Alay" is broadly used to refer to cocky and cheesy persons. In short, "alay" is attached with negative values. A profound explanation of this term will be given later. 

However, why does MTV decide to dedicate a standalone program to this branch of new pop culture phenomena? What I have …

Black Feminism, a Brief Introduction

In response to my previous post about Movie Review: Precious which tells us about Black Feminism, hereby in this post I would like to share a power point presentation about Black Feminism. This is given at American Women class in November 24, 2010. Hopefully, it can be a clear introduction to Black Feminism.

Black Feminism

So, treat women of color with more respect !! For so long they are oppressed because of their race, social class and sex. Let us spread this awareness, starting from ourselves. No more women oppression. It is our chance as the next generation to better our future lives.

Precious | Movie Review

What will you do if you are born as a fat black woman in a sexist and racist country? This question probably what this movie tries to answer. Produced by Oprah Winfrey, Precious offers you a different point of view to be young fat African American woman.

Set in 1985, this novel-based movie tells the life of Clareece 'Precious' Jones. She has problem with her weight as portrayed in the movie poster above. As a young woman, she has dreams to become successful and famous, ordinary dream of common Americans. But. her dreams are taken away when her own father rapes her. Within 30 mins of the movie, audience will be given a surprising story of 16 year old Precious is now having her father's infant within her body. Bearing her father's children within her body, she is devastated mentally and physically. She lives in ghetto with her mother, Mary Jones. However, Precious cannot share her tears, sorrow and pain to her mother. Instead, Mary always abuses Precious mentally and ph…

Wikileaks in Postmodern Perspective

Last Monday, November 30, 2010, was a shocking day in the world. Nearly hundreds of thousands US bilateral documents were uploaded by wikileaks. In the leaked documents, it was uncovered that many Middle East leaders pledged US to strike Iran in response to the growing and long lasting issue of nuclear issue. As we all know. Iran insisted on developing nuclear power and it was argued that the development was for the sake of alternative energy. Iran's plan to develop nuclear in fact turned the world to be more alert. US, as one of the world leader strongly refused this plan since US surely would suspect the nuclear development used in the army enhancement. However, a surprising fact is exposed by the leaked documents i.e. the pledge by Arabian leaders to strike Iran. Surely, it makes the international relation of the countries mentioned in the documents tense. But, how is this phenomenon seen from postmodernism perspective?

Postmodernism ,as explained in the previous post, is marked…