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A Book about Life, Manuscript Found In Accra | Book Review

Relieving. This one word may best describe what I feel about Paulo Coelho’s latest novel, Manuscript Found in Accra. Coelho has once again captivated my heart though his writings.

I came across Coelho’s works unintentionally. I still vividly remember an American woman giving her copy of the Alchemist to me when we flew together to US in 2011. Through that book, I came to the marvelous works of Coelho.

Manuscript Found in Accra tells about a story happening in Jerusalem in 1099. One night, the townspeople are engulfed in fear as the crusaders are about to attack the city, which is regarded as a holy city to Jewish, Christians and Muslims alike. The townspeople, regardless the difference of age, gender and religion, gather in a corner of the town. Suddenly, an unknown man, called himself as the Copt, appears out of nowhere. He then spreads his wisdoms to the townspeople who ask him about life, death, love, fear and any thinkable human’s life aspects. 
“Tell us about solitude,” said a y…

Man of Steel and Superman's New Face | Movie Review

"Cool !! I have never seen that side of Superman."

That’s what I thought after spending more than 120 minutes inside a movie theater in Central Jakarta last night to watch Man of Steel, a reboot of America’s most iconic superhero, Superman.  In my opinion, Man of Steel showcases an image of Clark Kent aka Kal-El aka Superman that I have never seen before.  
Man of Steel, featuring Henry Cavill as Superman, became one of the most anticipated movies this year because it is directed by Zack Snyder, the director of 300 and Watchmen, and produced by Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Trilogy. Hopes soared high that the marriage of the two would resurrect Superman from its slumber.
Opened with a narration of Superman’s origin, Man of Steel provides its audience with a scenic view of Krypton’s environment and civilization. Compared to previous Superman movies, Man of Steel probably has the most complete narration about the hero’s origin. Yet, Snyder has given a little twist…

Problematika kolom Agama

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya menemani salah seorang penerima beasiswa Fulbright dari Amerika untuk mengurus surat keterangan jalan di Markas Besar Kepolisian Republik Indonesia di Jakarta Selatan. Kolom demi kolom dia isi dengan seksama hingga pada akhirnya dia berhenti di suatu kolom dan bertanya kepada saya. 
“Why do they ask me to mention my religion?” kata Megan, sang penerima beasiswa tersebut. Welcome to Indonesia Megan! Anda baru saja mengalami sedikit cultural shock.
Megan berasal dari Amerika, sebuah negeri yang terkenal akan prinsip pemerintahan yang memisahkan agama dari urusan pemerintahan. Bagi pemerintah Amerika, agama benar-benar menjadi urusan yang sangat sacral antara seorang individu manusia. Seorang manusia boleh saja tidak beragama apabila dia merasa hal itu benar baginya. Dia tidak akan mendapatkan sanksi dari siapapun – baik dari Negara ataupun dari masyarakat – karena memilih untuk tidak beragama. Agama benar benar menjadi urusan masing masing individu warga negar…