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Superheroes on Indonesia’s streets unveiled

When I wander across streets in Indonesia, oftentimes, I find people that I think as superheroes. How come? Probably these pictures may describe what I think.

Above picture is taken from a blog. As you can see, the picture shows a motorcycle fully loaded – if not overload – with things that appear to be 28 white sacks. I don’t know how much each sack weighs. But, still, it is still very dangerous! Can’t you see the driver? Yes, you can only see his legs!! Then what about him? Can he see what is on his back through side mirrors? Definitely not! Then, I suppose he has some superpower to see through the back of his head (and through the pile of the white sacks)

What about these two girls? Well it is just a common scenery you will find in various streets across in Indonesia. You will often find people riding motorcycle while texting, making a phone call or chatting through various chat messengers.

I still remember a season in Oprah, where she always asked her guest stars to sign a petiti…