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Precious | Movie Review

Precious (2009)
What will you do if you are born as a fat black woman in a sexist and racist country? This question probably what this movie tries to answer. Produced by Oprah Winfrey, Precious offers you a different point of view to be young fat African American woman.

Set in 1985, this novel-based movie tells the life of Clareece 'Precious' Jones. She has problem with her weight as portrayed in the movie poster above. As a young woman, she has dreams to become successful and famous, ordinary dream of common Americans. But. her dreams are taken away when her own father rapes her. Within 30 mins of the movie, audience will be given a surprising story of 16 year old Precious is now having her father's infant within her body. Bearing her father's children within her body, she is devastated mentally and physically. She lives in ghetto with her mother, Mary Jones. However, Precious cannot share her tears, sorrow and pain to her mother. Instead, Mary always abuses Precious mentally and physically, causing Precious's life in a living hell. During this hard and challenging times, Precious found a new family in an alternative school. She is inspired by her lesbian African American teacher, Miss Blue Rain.
Precious walks in front of two black males. From her expression, it looks like she is not comfortable with how the two black males observe her. This shows that she is as an object to the male gaze. 

This movie surely represents the ideas fought by Black Feminism during its present days. Black Feminism arises as a response to the sexism in White Feminism and racism in Black Liberation Movement. Black Feminism emphasizes the idea that African American Women undergo different kinds of oppression. They are oppressed by three factors: sexism, racism and classism. Black Feminism try to educate African American women in particular to be aware of it. To do so, Black Feminists need to arise the spirit of 'sisterhood' among African American Women. They have been so long treated unequally by both white male and black male community because of their sex. They are always be the subordinate, submissive to them. They have been so long treated racially by White women. African American's needs are never accommodated by them because of their race. And they have been for so long treated differently because of their class, as low class society i.e. poor [1]. Black Feminism focus is to empower African American Women to be themselves. Black Feminism believes that the myth of beauty of White Women should not be embraced by them. Black Feminism argues that black women should develop their own standard, not being defined by White Women or males (black an white).

Precious and Miss Blue Rain, the lesbian teacher who inspires her. From the gesture, it shows that Miss Blue Rain tries to empower Precious. It is also shown by her expression that shows calmness and yet seems so powerful.
These three main issues are represented in the movie. Miss Blue Rain, embodies the character of Black Feminist, although it is never cited explicitly. The characterization of Miss Blue Rain supports this idea. She is black of course, and she is a lesbian. Black lesbian plays a very great role in the Black Feminism because they are considered as the bravest of all. They openly declare their sexual orientation as homosexual (not to mention other facts that they are women and black at the same time) in a country that is fueled by homophobia. Black lesbian women play an important role in establishing Black Feminist organizations such as NBFO (National Black Feminist Organization) and Combahee River Collective. They become the pioneer of the movement. As being stated in the previous point, Black Feminism focuses on black women empowerment and it is this movie all about.

The three key issues fought by Black Feminism are represented very well. Sexism is shown by how Precious becomes the object of black males, either his father or her surrounding black males. Racism is shown in her previous school in which she attends the public school. And the last but not least is about classism. Precious is an illiterate young woman, so as her mother. Her family depends so much on the food stamp to live. They have to consult social workers to get food stamps. And Miss Blue Rain becomes the one who represents Black Feminist to empower Precious who stand for other black women.

This movie is a very recommended movie. So make sure you watch it. Of 10 points, I will give this movie 8,5 points. It will broaden your horizons well, I guarantee it. Well may be i will give an analysis of this movie, but not in this post :D



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