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Adele - Turning Tables

Adele "21" Cover Album

I found myself addicted to this song. I just cant stop playing this song for these two days. I firstly knew this song from Glee, musical series. It was covered by Gwyneth Paltrow and it was not so good. I looked for the original version. Then I come across to Adele. Her original version is superb. The Glee version is nothing in comparison. Then, I also now know that Adele, in my opinion makes good music.

I love her music, somewhat between soul (in which I am a die hard soul music fan ), jazz and rock. By the way, she's as old as I am. She earned two Grammy awards in 2009. Isn't she awesome?

Here is a live version of turning tables that I found in YouTube. It is an acoustic version with only piano accompanying her fabulous voice. Enjoy !! By the way, is she loosing weight now?? I frankly don't care that much as long as she does not loose her stunning voice lol.


  1. Adele is one of the top 10 most popular artists on
    well i don't know much about her. all i know is she has a heavy and soulful vocal..

  2. that's why I love her haha :D im very much into soul musics...

  3. have you checked out Duffy??? she's little bit similar to Adele. Both of them were nominated for best female artist on Brit Award 2009 (if i'm not wrong) and Duffy won the game..

  4. It's my current addiction.
    Daily songs by Adele after work while driving home.

  5. it's also my current addiction, no days passing without listening to this song :D

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