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Muhammad PBUH in US Supreme Court? Yes there is ...

Supreme Court USA, Washington DC

During my trip to USA on January - February, I visited one of the most important building in US i.e. Supreme Court building. It is located in Washington, DC. Like any other governmental building in US, it is all painted white and it has Greek architecture style. It felt so great to be there. It felt like a dream since one year ago, I only studied it from text book in my American government class. 

It was in the morning, and pretty cold, somewhere between 0 - 5 Celsius degree. I love the cold haha. I stood in a line with my group waiting for the door to open. Entering the building, like usual we needed to pass through a very tight security check. Then, the awesome part ... the museum ...

Like any other governmental building in Washington DC, there is a museum that is opened for public, and it is free !!! I observed many photos, figures and else ... Then, I found this scripture...

"What is that?" so I thought ... then I read on the title .. they are man who are considered to be male upholders in the world. And, there is Muhammad on top of a male figure dressing in Arabic style. "Wow.. I never knew this before" so I said to my self. 

For Muslims, it is forbidden to draw his picture. I still remember. When I was a child, I read children's magazine about the Phropet's history. It was drawn like comic book. But when it came to the depiction of Muhammad PBUH, he is not depicted as man, but in a symbol i.e. a light that has 'Muhammad' written in Arabic inside. 

Then, we entered the upper ground. The tour guide then asked us to enter the court room, it is forbidden to take picture there. But there is a diorama. The court room is like this:

The room's ceiling is very high. There are many ornaments on the upper ceiling including the scriptures of the law givers. They are Adolph A. Weinmann's work. He put 18 figures of man who are considered to be the world's law givers. They include such figures as Moses, Solomon, Hammurabi, Draco, Solon, Confucius, Octavian, King John, Napoleon, John Marshall and of course Muhammad PBUH (the list is not in order). 
When one of my friend asked, why there is the scripture of Muhammad PBUH, the tour guide said that when the artist did his art work to respect the law givers on earth. Muhammad PBUH is considered to be among the most influential law givers on earth. Thus, he depicted his figure there. He had no intention of mockery or so. His work was also solely based on pure imagination. The depicted figure bear no resemblance to Muhammad PBUH. Once again, it should be emphasized that the depiction is to honor Muhammad PBUH as one the world's lawgivers.Well, tell me your opinion about it? 

Me @Supreme Court US, hell even I never go to Indonesia's MK lol

Justice John Marshall 

The Temple of Justice, so it is called



  1. actually i've ever seen the depiction of Muhammad PBUH before on a (really) thick history book entitled 'World Civilizations'..

    i think, what he said is making sense. the depiction is about to honor the prophet, not to insult..
    they have different religion, so they feel free to make the depiction. coe their religion does not forbid them.
    while for Muslim, it's forbidden to make the depiction. because there is a prohibition for them...

  2. Yes, I agree with you, the depiction is to honor Muhammad PBUH as one of the law givers on earth.

    However, i somehow feel sinful for putting the picture on this blog haha I dont know, just felling that way -__-

  3. hahaha.. don't worry Riz.
    it's only for information right??
    that on the other side of the world, there's a depiction of our Prophet.

  4. Have you seen the website www Prophet Of Islam. com
    (I didn't know if posting a link is ok?)
    anyway many people are surprised to see famous people (not Moslems) saying excellent things about him.

    1. Hai thx for visiting my blog.

      I've seen your website. It's cool.

      and yeah, i agree that many people say great things about Muhammad. If not, then he will not be included in the list of the world's greatest leaders


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