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Pirates of the Caribbean on Strangers Tide | Movie Review

What do you expect when you watch Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Surely, you will expect Captain Jack Sparrow’s crazy actions. However, I cannot find the same atmosphere in the last sequel of Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I know it’s released last May and I realized that it is not an up to date movie review. But hell yeah! I just watched it last night (thanks to issues regarding Hollywood’s films banning several months ago in Indonesia).

Pirates of the Caribbean on Strangers Tide is the fourth movie of the franchise. It tells the journey of Jack Sparrow in finding the Fountain of Youth. In this movie, he is not accompanied by Elizabeth Swan and Jack Turner. Instead, audience is introduced to Angelica Malon (played by Penélope Cruz) as Sparrow’s former lover. As the continuation of the previous movie, Sparrow does not sail on Blackpearl. In this movie, he is recruited as the crew of Blackbeard Pirates. Jack Sparrow is recruited because it is believed that he once gets to the Fountain of Youth. They need Sparrow as a guide. The other old characters that are featured in this movie is just Mr. Gibbs, Sparrow’s first mate and Captain Barbossa who now serves as England’s navy captain.

At first, I expected to get the same enthusiasm and excitement when the movie started. However, after 20 minutes or so, I got bored. The movie plot runs so slow as compared to the three preceding movies. Even until the end of the movie, I somehow cannot really catch where the climax of the movie is. Jack Sparrow’s craziness is also rarely found in this movie. This is the part that missed the most. I just simply could not enjoy watching this movie as much as I enjoyed the other Pirates movies. I think I missed the trio –Sparrow, Turner and Swan. The existence of Angelica somehow cannot replace Swan. I personally think Angelica’s character is overshadowed by Swan’s.

As a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I can say that I am disappointed by this movie. I thought it is wise for Disney to only finish the story in the third movie. The third movie serves as an epic ending of the previously-thought-to-be trilogy. I think my opinion is also supported by the rating the movie gets in IMDB. It only gains 6.8 of 10 stars, the lowest of all Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

As for me, I will rate the movie 7 of 10.

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  1. actually, i'm not interested in all pirates movie. but from your review, now i can say that the second chapter is still the best chapter of Pirates of Carribean.

  2. lum nonton sih, not a fan of this sequel, kapan ya si Jack ketemu luffy *loh

  3. @ Pondrafi he em pon aku lebih suka yg ke 2 juga, lebih kocak

    @ Ibnu wah bakal kaya gimana ya jack ketemu luffy, luffy nya aja udah bisa tame si kraken wwkwk (cumi2 yang ada di pirates kan namanya jg kraken)


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