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Kung Fu Panda 2 | Movie Review

Po is back! The Dragon Warrior is on the screen once again with its second sequel. Released on August 16 in Indonesia (ya memang telat sekali Indonesia!!!!! gara gara kasus yang dulu itu), Kung Fu Panda 2 is still played in various Indonesia's cinema theaters.

Kungfu Panda 2 Movie Poster
The Furious Five and Po are asked to restore order in the Gongmen city as it is ruled by a tyrant peacock named Zen which plans to rule over China. Zen invents the use of fireworks as a deadly weapon. He plans to seize China with his newly invented weapon. However, the story becomes more interesting as it turns out that Zen plays a very important role in Po's past life. He is the key to understand who Po really is. Torn between his curiosity to deeply know his past life and his duty to restore order by defeating Zen, Po becomes a more complex character but still a funny character.

In the jokes department, frankly I think Kung Fu Panda 2 is less funny than its prequel. So, if you watch this movie and intend to laugh as hard as when you watch the first movie, you will be slightly disappointed. In return, you will be exposed to a more serious movie. I think Po is also growing up :) 

 As in its prequel, Kung Fu Panda 2 offers a very deep moral message to its viewers. The movie main point is between choosing whether to linger on your past or in your future. The movie teaches you not to always look back on the past. No matter how bad it is, your past is your past. What more important is your future. How you are going to be is not defined by your past. I think that is what the movie tries to convey. 

So, based on my review I will give it 8 points (of 10) !! It may not be as funny as the first movie, but the moral message is deeper !! Watch it with your son, daughter, siblings, family or whatsoever hahahaaa....


  1. musuhnya merak itu yg bikin agak aneh aja, musuhnya kurang sangar. lebih lucu yg pertama

  2. bener nu!! lucu an yg pertama kan hehe =) pendapat kita sama hhhe

  3. Great movie I recommend to watch it :)

  4. waaahhh.. pengen bangen nonton nih film.
    tapi males kalo harus bayar tiket ke bioskop.. ngomong2 ada kopian gratisnya gak ya Riz? di warnet mana?? hehe

  5. @ Liudas yes it is a recommended movie to watch =) thx for visiting

    @ Pondrafi biasanya ya di spidernet belakang kampus itu pon, aku kemarin ambilnya ke warnet arwan wisnu hahaha

  6. Great post!!i like all the stuff..really thanks for sharing..
    cross platform media

  7. hmm.. oke deh, ntar aku coba cari d sana.


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