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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol | Movie Review

Hey you action movie lovers out there! Have you watched Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol? Well, you BETTER watch it!

Movie Poster from Flicks and Bits
It all started with me canceling my plan to look for boarding house in Jakarta today hahaha… Instead, an old friend of mine and I just suddenly agreed to spend the day by hanging out to nowhere. Well, since we’re both moviegoers so we decided to check on the web about movie played in the city’s theater. Well, thanks God she agreed not to watch BREAKINGDOWN (sorry, capslock was activated accidentally). Our selection went to Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. And it turned out that we did not regret our movie choice J.

The movie opens with action scene in Budapest of an IMF agent being chased and eventually killed by an assassin. Then, it cuts to a man in a prison in Moscow who turns out to be Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). Well, then the story builds up with the sudden explosion of Kremlin which leads to an increasing tense between US and Russia since Ethan is caught in the scene. IMF is then disbanded. Ethan’s and his new team members’ existence are disavowed by US Government. But they knew for real that the mastermind behind the explosion – a Russian with code name Cobalt  – is after greater purpose i.e. making US and Russia launch nuclear missiles to each other, or in other words, creating a nuclear war. How can Ethan and his new team members – Jane (Paula Patton), Benji (Simon Pegg) and Brandt (Jeremy Renner) deal with this problem alone since they cannot ask any help from US Government. What is going to happen with the world if US and Russia starts nuclear wars?

The movie offers you with thrilling actions that can make your heart beat faster. There are countless “crazy” actions which can only be done by Ethan Hunt. Not only that, the other supporting characters also play significant role in the movie. They are not overshadowed by the character of Ethan Hunt. Rather, each fills each other character. The story is also not boring. It captures the latest issue of “nationless” act of terrorism. Well, it is overall a very great action movie, one of the best that I ever watched J !! So, I am giving Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol 9 stars!! (of 10)

Check the movie trailer on Youtube below


  1. I hope they played it soon in SOLO! REALLY SOON!

  2. WAJIB nontooon hahaha :D nek nonton di solo ga asek kurang marem wkwkw (efek merasakan nonton di bioskop yang lebih gede)

  3. ck. nunggu XXI buka ning solo saknu....
    opo tak niat tekan jogja nonton 3D!


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