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The Avengers | Movie Review

Movie Poster (from Wikipedia)
On Tuesday night, I finally got the chance to watch a long awaited movie for superhero movie maniacs, The Avengers. I wished I had watched it in the brand new IMAX theater in the city. But yes, I was satisfied to watch in 2D, not 3D, theater.

The Avengers which features Marvel's greatest superheroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawk Eye has become one of the highest selling movies.  According to Wikipedia, the movie budget is US$ 220 million. But, at the opening alone, it managed to gather US$207.4 million, pushing the last sequel of the Harry Potter movie saga from the top of the chart.

Simply narrated, the movie follows Thor's story line. But it does not mean that you have to watch Thor before watching The Avengers. You can follow the storyline even if you have never watched Thor.

The movie tells about Loki, Thor's expelled adopted brother, who tries to invade the earth after he has made a pact with creatures from outer space. S.H.I.E.L.D Director Nick Furry then gathers earth's mightiest heroes to fight Loki back. But, his plan does not seem to be working as he has planned.There are dramas and conflicts among each hero character, that are too precious if I spoil them here.

All team members assembled, final scenes (from Guyism)
Since its premiere, the movie has become the world's new sensational movie, including in Indonesia. In Jakarta, all schedules for the movie is always fully booked. This week, seats in countless theaters in this city are always fully booked, even at most unpleasant seats in furthest below. I am one of the unfortunate audience who got a ticket to watch The Avengers from the last three rows. I swear I will watch the movie again on a comfortable seat.

It is not a surprise as to why the movie is a sensational movie.

Avengers comic version,
additional members: Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel, Pietr, etc
(from tvtropes)
First and foremost, The Avengers garners positive reviews from movie critics. In the IMDB, the movie receives 8.8 stars, of 10. In the rotten tomatoes, it gains 93% positive review. Yet, rotten tomatoes is one of the websites that is stingy to give favorable movie score. It surely makes people who love movies, not only the superhero movie maniacs, wander to watch it.  My friend, who is not a fan of superhero movie, decided to watch The Avengers after seeing good reviews from both the websites.

The ratings, I can tell, are not deceiving.

Despite its simple plot, The Avengers has many other things to offer. It has witty dialogues, making audience laugh loudly when watching this movie. Besides, it also offers great special effect, showing that movie director really makes us this movie's high budget. But I can tell, the special effect is just one supportive element that makes audience satisfied watching The Avengers.

At first, I was concerned that there would be a superhero character that overshadowed other characters. It features not one single major superhero, but six! Four of them - Capt. America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk - even have their own movies. I still remember how Wolverine takes all of credits in X-Men trilogy. He overshadows other characters. But, it does not happen in The Avengers. All of heroes are equally narrated. All heroes in this movie have the chance to showcase their power.

So that's how I am thinking of The Avengers. Therefore, it is not outrageous to give it 8.9 stars out of 10.
Now I am questioning when will Justice League be filmed? DC superheroes need to keep up :)

p.s.: a friend of mine, a movie critic, told me that you did not have to watch The Avengers in 3D. You can watch it in 2D because unlike Hugo, The Avengers is not filmed with 3D camera. 


  1. yeah!! Wolverine overshadowed the other characters. really really annoying. hha

    hmmm.. it's 'a must movie to watch' then.. :D

    p.s. too bad they don't put Spider-Man in it. lol

    1. In the comic universe, all Marvel superheroes have their chances to get to the Avengers. Spiderman, Wolverine, and even Storm from the X-Men have taken parts as recurring members of Avengers. Let's wish it to happen hehehe...

      And yes, it's a must watch movie (yee I am glad to convince other people watching this movie)

    2. Maaannnnnn!!! i really want to watch this movieeeeee....
      oh by the way, is there any clue for the sequel of this one?

  2. it's a trend actually. Im not a superhero-freak but yeah, nobody can resist to watch 'the avenger'.
    and yeah, I must admit that it was SUPER AWESOME. It's a full pack of superheroes, humor, with a super amazing special effect. It makes me can't wait for the sequel. I must say.... yeah, I'm addicted.

    1. behold the power of "freelance" advertisers i.e. people who have watched The Avengers.

      Words and talks surrounding us are the most effective advertising hehehe

  3. yea like I said, I really love the dialogues~ :3
    I want to watch the second time to enjoy those~~~
    but real, 3D effect, was not as expected~

    btw, have you watched Battleship, mas kiki? you should put review for it too.
    I love that movie too~

    1. Not yet :( it's already gone from theaters here ...

    2. how bout The Green Lantern??? interested??

    3. Udah nonton, tapi udah lupa ... hmm at a glance, it's a so so movie. Not too good, not too bad either.


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