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Man of Steel and Superman's New Face | Movie Review

"Cool !! I have never seen that side of Superman."

That’s what I thought after spending more than 120 minutes inside a movie theater in Central Jakarta last night to watch Man of Steel, a reboot of America’s most iconic superhero, Superman.  In my opinion, Man of Steel showcases an image of Clark Kent aka Kal-El aka Superman that I have never seen before.  

Man of Steel, featuring Henry Cavill as Superman
Man of Steel, featuring Henry Cavill as Superman, became one of the most anticipated movies this year because it is directed by Zack Snyder, the director of 300 and Watchmen, and produced by Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Trilogy. Hopes soared high that the marriage of the two would resurrect Superman from its slumber.

Opened with a narration of Superman’s origin, Man of Steel provides its audience with a scenic view of Krypton’s environment and civilization. Compared to previous Superman movies, Man of Steel probably has the most complete narration about the hero’s origin. Yet, Snyder has given a little twist to Superman’s origin, which in my opinion has endowed the hero a new course and personal identity in this movie.

One thing for sure, the movie depicts great visual effects of explosions when Krypton explodes in the first-third of the movie.

Then, the movie narrates the story of an adult Clark Kent who is on a journey to find his real identity. Various flashback editing shows us his fear when he starts developing his power in his childhood, something that I, as a superhero fan, have never witnessed before.

Superman and Louis Lane: Long long couple
In his journey, Clark finally finds his real identity as Kal-El. This is different from nearly all Superman movies in which Clark learns his identity as Jor-El’s son from Jonathan and Martha Kent, his adoptive parents. He also encounters Louis Lane, played by Amy Adams, in this journey, defying most narration of Clark – Amy first encounter.

The conflict arises when a group of Kryptonian, led by General Zod, wants to capture Kal-El because he holds the secret that can bring back Kryptonians. Clark then has to save Earth from Zod’s invasion. Explosions are here and there when Superman confronts Zod and his army.

In the past, Superman was depicted as a character that embodied all that was good. He became a role model for most Americans as he was constructed as one ideal American gentleman. Simply told, there was nothing bad on the character, either as Clark Kent or Superman. However, if you decide to watch Man of Steel, hoping to see that character of Superman, than you are better be disappointed. Snyder, and perhaps Nolan, have constructed this Superman as a more humane character, not as a demi-god as he was once narrated.  In this movie, you will see Superman doing some ‘more human actions’ you never imagine he will do. I do want to talk into details to avoid spoiling the story, so sorry. 

Superman's new suite
In addition to that human side, Superman also gets a new costume which is darker and does not have a red pant. He no longer wears that red underwears outside his costume anymore. It takes more than 50 years for him to do so! So, I really appreciate Snyder's gut to take out that pant. 

When watching the movies, I so much wanted to see how Snyder resolved the fight between Superman and Zod. And, the ending of the movie was very typical Snyder which played with human’s psychology and emotion when dealing with superheroes. Therefore, in my opinion, Snyder has given Superman a new face, the one which I think more signify America in this current context.

Man of Steel is worthy to watch. As a diehard fan of Superhero films, and as a Superhero culture observer, I really like various twists in Man of Steel. I also love how Snyder constructs Superman by incorporating his human approach to superhero. I therefore will give this movie with 8 stars, out of 10.

If you want to see a new image of Superman, then go watch it. If you want to rekindle memories of the old Superman, then you better not watch it.  


  1. wait?? Watchmen and Batman Trilogy collide on this movie? seriously i haven't got any idea how strange this movie will be.
    but anyway, i read on the post that this one is about the beginning. i mean, the Kryptonian, Zod, Kal-El, etc. so, is it an alien movie? haha *kidding

    I admit that i'm not a moviegoer, but i think i should try this. thanks for the review. :)

    1. No... you are correct in saying that it is an alien movie. In his previous movies, Superman was never considered as an alien. But in this movie, he is !! You will find many references in the movie that support my opinion :)

      Tell me about your thoughts after watching the movie :)

  2. this is an alien movie?? OMG, i hope the story is better than those real alien movies.
    sure, i'll drop my comment after watching it. :D


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