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Movie Review | The Lego Movie Delivers not only Laugh but also Wisdom

Lego, the ubiquitous colored plastic brick toys, has paved its way to the big screen. And guess what? Their first ever 3D animated movie should be on your must-watch list.

The Lego Movie follows the life of Emmet (voice of ChrisPratt), a yellow-skinned construction worker, who finds a piece of relic that is sought by everyone. In the movie opening, sorcerer Vituvius (Morgan Freeman) prophesizes that anyone finding the relic would save the world from the Lord Business (Will Ferrel). Emmet should fulfill his destiny to become “The Special One”, a master builder destined to save the world. Accompanied by his faithful companions, Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Bank), Batman (Will Arnett) and Vituvius, Emmet embarks on an adventurous journey that will forever change not only his life but also the world. During the adventure, Emmet and his friends must avoid from being captured by the Lord Business and his trusted servant, Bad Cop (LiamNeeson).

One hundred and forty minutes run fast when I watched The Lego Movie.
The opening scenes of the movie unlock the door to my past memory of playing Lego®. Yes, as a kid raised in the 90s, Lego® was must-have toys! I recalled days when I constructed various shapes of castles, robots or space-ships from dozens blocks of Lego ® my parents bought me. And such reminiscing emotion lasts till the very last scene.
So does that mean people who have no memories of playing Lego ® will not enjoy The Lego Movie? My dear reader, even if you never play Lego ®, trust me, you will still enjoy if not love the movie!

I wrote no hyperbolism when I said that I could not stop laughing or just raising my eye brows throughout the movie. The movie is funny! Each scene seems to conceal potential laugh-trigger.

For example, in one scene, Emmet has to address a bunch of master builders which consist of famous icons from Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Gandalf, Dumbledore, to Abraham Lincoln (surely, all in their Lego forms)! How can he - a simple construction worker - convince these master that he is their prophesized leader. Surely, it will not be fun if I spoil here whether or not he is successful to convince them. 

Besides all of the laughter and joys, The Lego Movie surprisingly also hides some profound messages. The movie beautifully tells you the meaning of “becoming special” and “becoming creative” in the life. Some scenes on the last part of the movie have even made my eyes teary due to its significance and meanings to my own life.

I have no other words than saying The Lego Movie is a film that anyone can enjoy. I thank the movie’s directors, Phill Lord and Christopher Miller,  for creating such a beautiful, fun, entertaining and profound movie. 

Score: 4.5 of 5


  1. ahhhhhhh, i really want to watch this movie. i saw the trailer long ago and it made me surprised to know that there were lots of real/fiction character on this movie. moreover, it makes me more surprised to know that you have written the review already. hahaha seriously, this is going to be on my watch-list.

    hmm, i'm not a fan of this toy anyway but still i will watch Lego Movie. especially when you say that there will be a message on it. i thought this movie was only about comedy.

    oh and talking about Superman, I've watched Man of Steel already (yaayyyyyy!!!). it's a massive Superman movie of all time. unfortunately, it lacks sense of drama (in my opinion), but still, it's entertaining. for those who love gigantic destruction with extraordinary special effect, Man of Steel is the best among other series.

    1. Hahaha ... I watched it last Friday, the premiere day in Indonesia.

      I was also surprised that this kind of movie actually conceals profound messages. You should watch it :)

      Man of Steel in fact does not really exploits the drama between Louis and Clark. But it introduces us more to the new face of Superman and his unseen characters. Nevertheless, I'm glad you still like that :D

    2. It should be "Man of Steel in fact does not really exploit the drama ....."


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. yeah, that's true. unlike Superman Returns, Man of Steel emphasizes the greatness of Superman rather than the drama. well, Zack Snyder always do that on his movies right?? haha

    oh and just want to give a comment about the death of Clark Kent's father due to tornado. seriously, it's not dramatic at all and predictable. i think the most dramatic scene of his father death occurs in Smallville; when Clark and his mother watch the video of his father as he's still alive. they both cry as they watch their beloved one smilling at them from the screen. scored with melancholic music, that ending scene does really break your heart. :'(

    anyway, i'm still waiting for Gravity. it makes me curious a lot knowing that it wins 5 categories in BAFTA.

    1. Gravity udah ad loh BRip nya haha ... Kalo nonton, usahain diruang gelap dan sepi. Biar lebih dpt feel nya :)


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